“The Last Sparks Of Sundown” could not have been made without the spirit of the almost 50 cast, crew and extras who gave up their time for little or no money in the summer of 2013. Most of the people involved had never been on a feature film set before, many of them will never do so again. The film was shot primarily on a Red Epic, with a Red One acting as an occasional ‘B’ camera and the odd GoPro shot thrown in here and there. The film was edited on AVID in the Producer’s spare room on and off for a period of almost nine months. As far as we know, nobody died in the making of this film. So that’s good.

BTS FILMING: Ral Gilmour // MUSIC: Kevin Hume

  • The film was shot in just over 2 weeks in July 2013
  • The cast and crew all stayed at ‘Sundown House’
  • The editor worked under the stairs and slept in a tent in the garden
  • The shower leaked onto the set below, where the boom operator slept
  • Roughly half of the crew appear in the film in some shape or form
  • The director’s father-in-law and son both have cameos
  • Although it appears enormous from the outside, “Sundown House” is in fact three separate houses