Why You Must Visit Chicago (On Oct 17th)

Why You Must Visit Chicago (On Oct 17th)

We’re excited to announce that on October 17th, the film will screen in competition at the hotly anticipated Chicago Comedy Film Festival. Amazingly enough this takes place in Chicago. So please spread the word to anyone who likes comedy, Chicago, or just has nothing better whatsoever to do that weekend.

Our short House Cocktail screened here in 2013 scooping Mark Chavez a Best Actor Award so it’ll be great to be back.

And, without charge, here are 3 facts about the Windy City that previously took up no space in your brain:

1) Chicago is home to almost 3 million people. Only 200 of these people will be able to watch The Last Sparks Of Sundown. Bummer.

2) Chicago is home to the world’s largest population of Poles outside of Warsaw. The Last Sparks Of Sundown does not have Polish subtitles. Oversight.

3) Chicago’s Western Avenue is the world’s longest street. It was deemed too long to feature in The Last Sparks Of Sundown. Lengthy.


See you there! x

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